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Sermon Illustrations about God, the Father

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on God, the Father to help bring your sermon to life.

‘Internet Dad’ Provides Connection for Lonely People

Rob Kenney’s YouTube channel, “Dad, how do I?” went viral last year. Kenney released his first video shortly after the coronavirus pandemic ...

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Toddler's Exchange with Smart Speaker Popular in Viral Video

Aly Femia keeps an Amazon-branded smart speaker in the room with her son so he can listen to lullabies. But she had no idea how comfortable her baby had ...

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A Father's Secret Journal

There was a man who was a good husband and dad. He loved his family faithfully, was always around, steady, and took care of them. His influence, even ...

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Our Weird Conceptions of the Trinity

Author Michael Reeves, author of the book Delighting in the Trinity, expresses our basic problem with the Trinity—that the Trinity is "seen not ...

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The Trinity Works Together for Our Rescue

While every analogy of the Trinity has its limitations, this picture illustrates one aspect of our Triune God—that they are all on the same team. ...

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Dad Forgives Daughter for Taking Coins

In a blog for Kyria entitled “The Sweet Relief of Grace,” Marian V. Liautaud writes:

My dad kept a coin jar on his dresser. Every night when ...

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Max Lucado's Daughter Asks Him to Sell Snow-Cones

When my oldest daughter was about six years old, she and I were having a discussion about my work. It seems she wasn't too happy with my chosen profession. ...

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