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Sermon Illustrations about Glory of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Glory of God to help bring your sermon to life.

Gleaming Concert Hall Overpowers Neighbors

You expect a $274 million building to shine and L.A.'s new Walt Disney Concert Hall does. Frank Gehry's landmark creation of shimmering stainless steel ...

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"Joe Versus the Volcano": Man Awed by God's Splendor

Joe Versus the Volcano is the story of Joe Banks (Tom Hanks), a young man disillusioned with his dull, uneventful life. His doctor tells him he only has ...

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God Makes the Day, We Supply Icing

Recently I took my sons, 12-year-old Matthew and 6-year-old Ryan, to my parents' house for an afternoon visit. They spent some time playing and socializing ...

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Mother Teresa's Love for Human Life

In my television interview with Mother Teresa, I raised the point as to whether, in view of the commonly held opinion that there are too many people in ...

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Jonathan Edwards on God's Surprising Ways

[Jonathan] Edwards first encountered God in an intensely experiential way while reading 1 Timothy 1:17: "Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, ...

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Trusting God When Miracles Don't Come

In Holding On to Hope, Nancy Guthrie writes:

We had Hope for 199 days. We loved her. We enjoyed her richly and shared her with everyone we could. We held ...

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When God Speaks

In Hearing God, Dallas Willard writes:

My oldest brother, J. I. Willard, served for over 30 years as a minister under the blessing of God. But his entry ...

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It’s about Power

God is in the details.

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His Glory Is Everywhere

Lord, make me see your glory in every place.

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Giving God the Glory

Divine speech is articulation of God's presence. ... The Magnificat is a biblical theology in miniature, because it begins and it ends in an exaltation ...

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