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Sermon Illustrations about Fear of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Fear of God to help bring your sermon to life.

The Fear of the Lord Is Like a Dad Driving Behind His Daughter

I used to think that living in "the fear of the Lord" is like driving down the street while watching the policeman in your rearview mirror. But actually ...

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The Fear of God Is Like Finding Safety in a Storm

Suppose you were exploring an unknown Greenland glacier in the dead of winter. Just as you reach the sheer cliff with a spectacular view of miles of jagged ...

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America's Four Gods

According to the authors of the book America's Four Gods, Americans differ widely from one another on two key areas of belief about God: (1) the level ...

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Maturity Changes Our Fear of God

To grow in wisdom and love is not to lose all fear of God; it is to change our fear of God. It is to pass from the servile fear of the slave, the fear ...

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What Should We Really Fear?

Fear can be paralyzing, causing much anxiety. However, some fears and worries are misplaced and not based on fact. Newsweek magazine recently made a comparison ...

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Invitation to Write in Displayed Bible Results in Angry, Lewd Comments

The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, Scotland, is hosting a series of exhibitions called "Made in God's Image." Organized by a company called Culture ...

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People Want to Be Lightly Governed by Strength

The sentence still jumps out at me from the middle of an editorial in The Wall Street Journal. It's been half a decade since I read it, but it was one ...

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Talking My Language

In his book The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey shares an episode from his youth when the concept of "the Word becoming flesh" dawned on him with profound ...

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Broken Globe Symbolic of Broken World

When I was about ten years old, my dad, a medical doctor, received a special gift from one of his patients: a beautiful globe with shiny sequins. The ...

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Recent Converts View Biblical Miracles with Awe

Mark Galli tells the following story in his book Jesus Mean and Wild:

A group of Laotian refugees who had been attending the Sacramento church I pastored ...

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