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Sermon Illustrations about Fasting

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Fasting to help bring your sermon to life.

Junk Food Execs Don't Eat Their Company's Food

Every year the average American eats 33 pounds of cheese and 70 pounds of sugar. On average, 11 percent of our diet comes from saturated fats. Every ...

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TV Bombards Us with Ads for Food

The next time you watch television take note of the number of commercials about food. A recent study found that in 96 half-hour blocks of preschool programming ...

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Russian Orthodox Church Advises Social Media Fast

With the beginning of the Russian Orthodox Lenten season, the church has advocated that devotees fast from social media. According to a spokesman, "Even ...

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WWII Prisoner of War Converted, Becomes Missionary to Japan

On April 18, 1942, Army Corporal Jacob DeShazer boarded a bomber plane with his pilot, Lieutenant William Farrow, and a co-pilot, navigator, and rear ...

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Lenten Laughs: A Hypocritical Robber

A priest was coming back to his rectory one evening in the dark when he was accosted by a robber who pulled a gun on him and demanded, "Your money ...

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On Being Accident-Prone

A rabbi taught that experiences of God can never be planned or achieved. "They are spontaneous moments of grace, almost accidental."

His student ...

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Man Burns His Possessions to Find Happiness

British style writer Neil Boorman has decided to burn every branded thing in his possession. "I am addicted to brands," he confessed in a magazine ...

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Healthy Self-Denial

Self-denial has its place in a Christian’s life, but God doesn’t ask you to choose what is most painful to you. If you followed this path, ...

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America's Sin of Self-Sufficiency

In 1863 President Lincoln designated April 30th as a day of national humiliation, fasting, and prayer. Let me read a portion of his proclamation on that ...

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Think Fast

One day, my husband announced to the family that he was going to fast and pray. Ginny, our 5-year-old, had recently learned that fasting meant not eating. ...

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