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Sermon Illustrations about Doctrine

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Doctrine to help bring your sermon to life.

Letter to the Editor Spurs Opiate Addictions

In his book Dreamland, journalist Sam Quinones points to one paragraph of false information that helped pave the way for the surge in addicts to the highly ...

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Words That Have Changed Meaning Over Time

Words change meaning over time in ways that might surprise you. Here are just a few examples of words (so, preacher, take your choice) you may not have ...

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Writer Admits Disappointment with the Bible

The New York Times Sunday Book Review regularly interviews a writer about what books he or she is reading. In June 2015 they asked the screenwriter Judd ...

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Contest Rewrites the Ten Commandments

An article on CNN reported on two atheists who wanted to rewrite the Ten Commandments. The article begins with this question: "What if, instead of climbing ...

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Art Forger Deceives Experts

For nearly 30 years, art forger Mark Landis has made headlines for duping dozens of museums into accepting fakes into their collections. Landis admits ...

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Five Unhelpful Ways to Study/Read the Bible

Here are some common unhelpful ways to read and study God's Word:

  • The Xanax Approach. Feel anxious? Read Philippians 4:6. Feel tired? Read Matthew 11:28. The Xanax Approach treats the Bible as if it exists to make us feel better. Bible study is about finding comfort for my issues. The problem with this approach is that I ask how the Bible can serve me, rather than how I can serve the God it proclaims.

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Finding the "Recipe" to Explain the Trinity

Bradley Nassif, a follower of Christ from Lebanese descent, tells the story of his grandmother, who often showed her love by cooking. Nassif writes:

When ...

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Chinese Zoo Replaces Lion with a Dog

In August 2013 a public zoo in the third largest province in China temporarily shut down due to an unusual problem. Visitors discovered that the zoo's ...

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The 'Wrath of God' Makes the News

Strangely enough, the 'wrath of God' became a news item. Here's what happened: A Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) committee wanted to add the ...

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Botched Translation Leads to Tragedy

A good translation or translator really does matter. Professional translator Nataly Kelly tells the following story about what journalists have called ...

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