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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Division to help bring your sermon to life.

Pressure Points

The intensity of pressure doesn't matter as much as its location. Does it come between you and God, or does it press you closer to him?

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A Bitter Root

When we miss God's grace in our relationships, we may find a bitter root growing inside us.

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Flee Contentiousness

Eschew controversy, my brethren, as you would eschew the entrance to hell itself! Let them have it their own way. Let them talk, let them write, let them ...

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Brotherly Strife

Augustus Toplady, who wrote the famous hymn "Rock of Ages," called John Wesley a "tadpole in divinity." Wesley in turn called Toplady ...

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Questionable Community

Grove Street was lined with lovely mature trees, manicured lawns, and three churches—all right next to each other. The three churches were each built ...

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Three-Year Argument

The monks at a remote monastery deep in the woods followed a rigid vow of silence. Their vow could only be broken once a year—on Christmas—by one monk. ...

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"Fellowship of the Ring": Satan's Efforts to Divide the Church

In his first book, Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien describes the camaraderie of a diverse group, banded together by a common cause. Called "the ...

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"The Sum of All Fears": Resolving Conflict

Set in the Cold War Era, The Sum of All Fears captures how a Neo-Nazi group stages a nuclear attack in Baltimore as a way to get the Soviet Union and ...

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Our Tendency to Exclude

Our fallenness makes us want to be a part of not just any group, but an exclusive group. By definition, every society includes people who connect, who ...

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Bishop Advocates Heresy Over Division

"If you must make a choice between heresy and schism, always choose heresy."

—Peter James Lee, one of 60 Episcopal bishops who voted to approve the ...

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