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The Most Likely Reasons Marriages End

A total of 689,308 divorces occurred in 2021. That’s about half the number of couples who reported getting married, with subsequent marriages failing at higher rates. Understanding why marriages fail can help you to make your own union stronger if you are married. It can also guide you in making choices about entering into a marriage and it can help you support the married couples in your life.

Forbes Advisor commissioned a survey of 1,000 Americans who are divorced or who are in the process of divorcing to discover why marriages fail. Based on this data, here are some of the most likely reasons marriages come to an end.

  • 43% - Lack of family support
  • 34% - Infidelity
  • 31% - Lack of intimacy
  • 31% - Too much conflict/arguing
  • 24% - Financial stress
  • 20% - Parenting differences
  • 10% - Marrying too young

Key Facts About Divorce

  • The majority of divorces are initiated by only one party, with only 27% of respondents indicating the decision to end the marriage was mutual.
  • Just 4% of couples divorce after 10 years of marriage.
  • 63% of divorcees believe a better understanding of the commitments of marriage could have helped them to avoid divorce
  • Only 5% of divorcees say there was no way their marriage could have been saved, the survey says.

You can access all the results of this survey here.

Possible Preaching Angle:

It is important to keep in mind that this survey was taken of society as a whole. With proper guidance in premarital counseling and personal growth toward spiritual maturity a believing couple would be much more likely to establish a solid marriage for life. Remember, 63% said a better understanding of commitment prior to marrying could have stopped their union from collapsing.

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