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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Disunity to help bring your sermon to life.

Humor: If You Want Something Done...

If there had been a committee appointed, Noah's ark would never have been built.

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Unity and Disunity

Talk about what you believe and you have disunity. Talk about Who you believe in and you have unity.

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Health Hazard

Petty people are ugly people. They are people who have lost their vision. They are people who have turned their eyes away from what matters and focused, ...

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The Top 10 "Last Words in Your Church"

Pastoral lines you may not be around long enough to regret

Sometimes words have to be eaten. Other times, they turn out to have teeth that bite. From an ...

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A church had a sign in front: JESUS ONLY. One night a storm blew out the first three letters and left US ONLY. Too many churches have come to that.

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Brotherly Strife

Augustus Toplady, who wrote the famous hymn "Rock of Ages," called John Wesley a "tadpole in divinity." Wesley in turn called Toplady ...

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A Schismatic Discussion

Comedian Emo Philips used to tell this story:

In conversation with a person I had recently met, I asked, "Are you Protestant or Catholic?"

My new acquaintance ...

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No Room for Prima Donnas in the Church

German orchestra violinists are suing for a pay raise, claiming they play many more notes per concert than their colleagues do. The 16 violinists point ...

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Local Mayor Initiates Reconciliation

The mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, recently initiated a reconciliation between two young boys (Dominic Serino, 9, and Ryan Decker, 11) and Kevin Kefalas, ...

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Wife Prays for Husband to Die

The story is told of an elderly couple who lived together in a nursing home. Though they had been married for 60 years, their relationship was filled ...

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