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Something More at Christmas

What is supposed to be a time of peace and good will becomes, for some, a time when the reality of human greed and folly and cruelty mocks the lovely ...

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A Fuller Life

I hear an almost inaudible but pervasive discontent with the price we pay for our current materialism. And I hear a fluttering of hope that there might ...

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Losing Peace and Joy

I remember talking to a girl here in this church two or three years ago. She said, "Jill, I've lost my joy, I've lost my peace, and I want ...

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Victory Deprives Red Sox Fans of Purpose

After their team won the 2004 World Series of baseball, fans of Boston's Red Sox struggled to adjust. A New York Times article chronicled their confusion: ...

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Seventy-five Percent of Executives Consider Career Change

A 2006 study of 1,733 executives asked the question: "If you could start your career over in a completely different field, would you?"

Yes—51 percent Maybe—24 ...

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"Click": Taking Shortcuts in Life

In the movie Click, Michael Newman (played by Adam Sandler) is given a true "universal" remote control that has the power to influence real life. He can ...

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The Hunger Christ Blesses

It is the desire for God which is the most fundamental appetite of all, and it is an appetite we can never eliminate. We may seek to disown it, but it ...

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Actor Ashton Kutcher on Complainers

I miss being around people that don't complain. I'm in the drama business, and there are a lot of dramatic people that seem to be not very happy ...

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Who Appreciates Us at Work

According to a 2010 Cornerstone OnDemand survey, the majority of Americans (54 percent) think their coworkers appreciate them the most at work and not ...

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N. T. Wright Reflects on Our Longing for Justice

In his book, Simply Christian, N. T. Wright begins his chapter entitled "Putting the World to Rights" with the following personal story:

I had a dream ...

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