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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Disbelief to help bring your sermon to life.

Another World

An airline captain who flies overseas routes also runs a small filling station near his home. Between trips to Europe and the Middle East, he gets a kick ...

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An Amusing Pagan

[Kate said to her Jewish colleague]: "There were a dozen different religions among the children at [my school]. We seemed always to be celebrating some ...

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Laughing at the Church

When you work around the church a while it comes quite naturally, the laughter of cynical disbelief. In 1986 the United Methodist General Conference, ...

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Prizewinner Refuses One Million Dollars

A recent promotion by H. R. Block Inc. offered walk-in customers a chance to win a drawing for a million dollars. Glen and Gloria Sims of Sewell, New ...

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Novelist Vince Rause Angry at "Nonexistent" God

The popular novelist Vince Rause (Handy As I Want To Be, 1999) is not a believer, but he writes in the Los Angeles Times Magazine about a time when he ...

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Skeptics Given Proof

Erik Weihenmayer, the blind mountaineer who recently successfully scaled Mount Everest, writes in Outside magazine:

A few days after I arrived in the Khumbu ...

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"Minority Report" Writer on Reality

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

—Philip K. Dick, science fiction author, writer of the summer blockbuster

Minority ...

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Unbeliever Lists Why Believers Have It Good

Somebody gave me a piece from The American Scholar by Arthur Crystal, entitled "Why Smart People Believe in God." In the article Crystal mentions some ...

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Friends Carry Doubting Widower

In the book Stories for the Journey, William R. White tells about a European seminary professor named Hans and his wife, Enid. World War II forced them ...

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Prisoners Find Liberation Hard to Accept

In his book Ghost Soldiers, Hampton Sides tells the story of a dramatic mission during World War II. On January 28th, 1945, 121 hand-selected Army Rangers ...

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