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Woman Pronounced Dead Later Found Alive in Funeral Home

A 20-year-old woman with cerebral palsy was pronounced dead by paramedics, and placed in a body bag. Three hours later, she was found alive. The ordeal started when Timesha Beauchamp was found by several relatives with pale lips and difficulty breathing, and called 911. When paramedics with the Fire Department arrived, they found her unresponsive and not breathing, according to family attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

After paramedics pronounced her dead, however, Timesha’s godmother, who works as a registered nurse, told the medics that she detected a faint pulse. Fieger said, “They told her the movements were involuntary. It did not change their opinion as to the fact that they felt she was dead … [but] when the body bag was opened and they were getting ready to embalm the body, Timesha's eyes were open and she was breathing.”

Fire Chief Johnny L. Menifee released a statement corroborating many of these details. "They checked multiple pulse points on the patient." He expressed disappointment that his medics missed the signs. Menifee said of the first responders, "They feel terrible that this happened. They can't imagine how this possibly happened. They're emotionally upset that this happened … and rightfully so.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Even in situations that appear hopeless, there is always a possibility for a miracle. Don't stop believing just because experts tell you it's impossible.


Bill Hutchinson, “Details emerge after woman found alive in body bag at funeral home” ABC News (8-26-20)

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