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Sermon Illustrations about Disappointment

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Disappointment to help bring your sermon to life.

Deliverance from Life's Frustrations

The way out of life's frustrations is found not by resenting our limitation but by accepting the place of frustration as the sphere of God's purpose. ...

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Putting Disappointment in Perspective

Gordon MacDonald writes:

I heard of a television interview with a balloonist who was grounded by the weather at a national ballooning festival. When asked ...

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Michelangelo Redeems Broken Marble

In 1463, members of the City Council of Firenze (Florence) Italy decided they needed a monument to enhance their city. They commissioned a sculptor to ...

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Prayer for Mother's Recovery Goes Unanswered

Pastor Randy Frazee shared this with his congregation:

My mother was dying. I went to God and made a special request. By her bedside I prayed 50 times. ...

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Inevitable Disappointments of This Life

Our paradigm of what a Christian life is supposed to be hugely affects whether we become bitter or not. So many of the people I work with are dealing ...

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"Singles": Lowering Standards for a Mate

The movie Singles portrays a group of twenty-somethings looking for love. Theirs is an unending search for a true companion, which seems forever out of ...

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World's Empty Promises

When I was a senior in high school, I was voted co-captain and most improved player on the basketball team. At the annual sports assembly I was called ...

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Attitude Tested

When I was 11 and my brother Joe was 15, I was sure he could lift small cars and jump small buildings without breaking a sweat. He was the coolest, toughest, ...

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Marriage Doesn't Bring Fulfillment

Marriage isn't going to fulfill you. Only a relationship with Christ will. When you come to that realization, it can free you to really love your ...

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Can You Forgive God?

Some time ago I worked with a family going through a divorce. After the settlement was made, the mother called to tell me her 8-year-old daughter was ...

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