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Can You Forgive God?

Some time ago I worked with a family going through a divorce. After the settlement was made, the mother called to tell me her 8-year-old daughter was fighting with everyone: family, teachers, classmates, former friends. She was angry all the time. Could I talk with her?

So I began to take her daughter on little outings. Once we were sitting in the swings at the playground, swinging back and forth, and talking.

I said, "Honey, why are you so angry?"

She said, "I don't know."

"Who are you mad at?"

She didn't answer. For a long time we just sat there. Finally she said, "You know, Marlin, I prayed to God every day about my mom and dad. I asked him to keep them together. I didn't want them to get a divorce. I asked God to keep them together, and God didn't answer my prayer."

After a bit I said, "You know, darling, God prays too. Did you know that?"

She said, "God prays?"

"God prays, too. God prayed to your mommy and daddy that they would fight this thing out and stay with their vows. But your mommy and daddy chose not to answer God's prayer. You know what God did about that? God forgave your parents. He loves them, and he knew how hard it was for them to stay together. Can you forgive your mom and dad? Can you forgive God?"

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