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Sermon Illustrations about Direction

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Direction to help bring your sermon to life.

Actors Turn Down Famous Roles

Throughout the last century, several actors have turned down roles in movies that eventually became Hollywood legends. For example, Burt Lancaster turned ...

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Eight Steps to Finding God

In John Paul the Great, author Peggy Noonan describes a friend who asked the question, "How do you find God?" Noonan replied with the following: ...

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Brilliant Man Lacks Wisdom

In July of 2006, the world-famous geneticist William French Anderson was convicted of child molestation charges. In a press conference, his attorney said, ...

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Chiropractor Led to Minister Through Business

Chiropractor Perry Hefty and his wife, Arlys, wanted to be in what they considered "ministry" for many years. One day when Perry was crying ...

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Habitat for Humanity: A Response to Need

Millard Fuller was on his way to becoming a self-made millionaire before he was 30 years old. But devotion to work was threatening his health and his ...

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Father Saves NFL Son from Steroids

Before Bill Curry was an ESPN analyst, he was a college football coach, and before that he was a lineman in the National Football League. Today he sports ...

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Sheep Teach Pastor about Ministry

In his book Building a Church of Small Groups, Bill Donahue relays a story from his time as a part-time youth pastor while attending seminary. He was ...

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When Earth's Poles Reverse Themselves

If you have ever done any navigating by the use of map and compass, you know that magnetic north isn't true north.

Magnetic north is slowly moving, ...

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State Wastes Money on Non-existent Problem

In 2002, the state of Missouri awarded a grant to their police department's Youth Outreach Unit. The purpose of the $273,000 grant was to battle Goth ...

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Directions Take Climbers over Cliff

Trail magazine is one of the most widely distributed climbing magazines.

The February 2004 issue provided directions for climbers descending Britain's ...

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