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Father Saves NFL Son from Steroids

Before Bill Curry was an ESPN analyst, he was a college football coach, and before that he was a lineman in the National Football League. Today he sports two Super Bowl rings. But in the spring of 1965, it was unclear whether he'd ever wear an NFL uniform. He had been drafted in the 20th round by the Green Bay Packers of the Vince Lombardi era. He was convinced he would never make the team unless he gave himself an edge. So, a few months before the tryouts, Curry began lifting weights—and taking steroids. They worked. He went from 220 to 240 pounds in just a few weeks.

When his father, a weightlifter himself, came to visit him, Curry excitedly told his dad about his accelerated improvement. "It's just incredible what these pills can do, Dad!"

His father asked, "Can I see the bottle?" He looked over the pills, walked to the bathroom, and began pouring them down the toilet. The younger Curry panicked, "What are you doing?"

His father then sat him down and warned him about steroids, how they would eventually destroy his body. Curry was shaken, but convinced, and he never took steroids again. Today he simply says, "I'm so glad I had a father who loved me like that."

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