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Total Commitment

On a recent trip to Haiti, I heard a Haitian pastor illustrate to his congregation the need for total commitment to Christ. His parable:

A certain man ...

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Distractions from Prayer

Any house wife knows that the best way to remember the things she meant to do and forgot is to start praying. They will come to her and divert her from ...

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When the Devil is Dangerous

The devil is like a mad dog that is chained up. He is powerless to harm us when we are outside his reach, but once we enter his circle we expose ourselves ...

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The Devil's Entree

Irritation in the heart of a believer is always an invitation to the devil to stand by.

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Knowing Your Enemy

Aqaba in 1917 seemed impregnable. Any enemy vessel approaching the port would have to face the battery of huge naval guns above the town. Behind Aqaba ...

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Heeding God’s Word

My five-year-old daughter, Barbara, had disobeyed me and had been sent to her room. After a few minutes, I went in to talk with her about what she had ...

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Marilyn Manson Doesn't Blame Devil

After being blamed for inciting the Columbine shootings, rock star Marilyn Manson argued in Rolling Stone:

I'm a controversial artist, one who dares ...

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Satan: Appearances Are Deceiving

In a classic "Twilight Zone" episode from 1960, an American on a walking trip through central Europe gets caught in a raging storm. Staggering through ...

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Marilyn Manson Worships Self

Musician Marilyn Manson says:

A lot of people like to pass me off as a devil worshiper. I think that could only be true if I considered myself to be the ...

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Toxic Sin

A recent news article reported on a dangerous practical joke played by a nursery employee:

A British Columbia-based nursery is trying to track down people ...

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