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Sermon Illustrations about Devil

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Devil to help bring your sermon to life.

Mercedes Benz Ad on Temptation

A recent (2013) Super Bowl commercial advertized the Mercedes Benz CLA. The ad starts with thirty-something man sitting in a cafe. As the waitress serves ...

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Supreme Court Justice Scalia Talks about the Devil

In an interview with New York magazine, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia explained his beliefs about the reality of the Devil. After mentioning his ...

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Woman's Pet Boa Constrictor Causes Her Death

Years ago while on an airplane, I read a fascinating but rather unpleasant story. It had all the qualities of a good mystery. A frantic 911 call brought ...

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Satan's Four Fiery Darts

In his book By Grace Alone, Sinclair Ferguson identifies four major "fiery darts" Satan uses to unsettle believers and rob them of their assurance and ...

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The Gentle Seduction of Temptation

In his book Tempted and Tried Russell Moore recounts an NPR program about a scientist named Temple Grandin who is researching new ways to gently kill ...

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Calling on Jesus' Name Dispels Evil Presence

About 20 years ago I had an experience that opened my eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare. While I was sound asleep, I heard the phone ringing (or ...

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Headless Snake Points to Satan's Demise

As a kid, I loved Mission Sundays, when missionaries on furlough brought special reports in place of a sermon …. There is one visit I've never ...

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God's Eye Is on Satan

William Gurnall, after encouraging believers to hold fast to the assurance that God is watching Satan's every move and will not let him have the final ...

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Worship: Make Love, Make War

Worship songwriter Brian Doerksen writes of a time when God placed in his mind a surprising, provocative picture that has since defined for him biblical ...

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Trapped Bee Offers Simple Reminder on Temptation

Temptation is always seductive, and so we can hardly have too many reminders of Satan's purpose in it.

Last week I had a simple reminder. I was at a party ...

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