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Sermon Illustrations about Delay

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Delay to help bring your sermon to life.

The Safest Person on Earth

In October of 2019, Bert terHart boarded a 40’ ocean fairing sailboat and set sail from Victoria, BC. His objective was to become the first North ...

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It’s Easy to Reject Jesus Now

In the classic Russian novel Eugene Onegin, a jaded aristocrat Onegin, meets an innocent young girl in the countryside. The girl, Tatyana, writes him ...

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The Woman Who Was Too Busy for Christmas

The Italians have a legend about a woman named Befana who lived along the dusty road that led to Bethlehem. She was her village’s best housekeeper. ...

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Minnesota Firefighter Leaves His Own Wedding to Battle a Blaze

When their wedding venue fell through at the last minute, Krista and Jeremy Bourasa decided to hold the ceremony at the groom's fire station in St. ...

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Newlywed Couple Has First Dance in the Midst of a Traffic Jam

It's a common wedding scenario: ceremony takes place in one location, guests and wedding party hop in their cars and take a quick trip to the reception ...

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Brussels Roadway Thwarted By Hungry Mice

It may seem like the European Union has enough on its hands these days, but a local news story seems to be adding insult to injury. The capital city's ...

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Don't Put It Off

Repentance is always difficult, and the difficulty grows still greater by delay.

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A Late Decision

One of the wealthiest men in our community has the dubious distinction of having blown four children out of the saddle: one in prostitution, two in drugs, ...

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