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Umpire ‘Ejects’ Grounds Crew During MLB Game

In Major League Baseball, it’s common for umpires to eject players or team personnel whose behavior is deemed out of line. But rarely does those ejected include the grounds crew. MLB umpire crew chief Terry Timmons later denied ejecting them, per se, but that’s what he appeared to do during a mid-September game between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees.

The Orioles had a one-run lead when storm clouds were gathering overhead and it appeared as though rain was imminent. As is their duty, the grounds crew stood beyond the first base line holding their massive tarp, ready to spread it over the field to protect it from rainfall. That is, until Timmons emphatically waved them off of the field. It was the ninth inning, and Timmons wanted to finish the game. After the game Timmons texted the Associated Press, "I didn't 'eject' the grounds crew. I just didn't want all of them behind the tarp, especially with the infield in.''

Timmons’ unspoken but understandable concern was with avoiding an unnecessary delay to the game. It takes time for the grounds crew to either cover or uncover the field, and that doesn’t even include whatever delay the rain itself might incur. With the game so close to its conclusion, Timmons’ desire echoed that of many American workers; after a long day of work, he just wanted to go home.

A few minutes after the grounds crew was ushered away, Yankees batter Brett Gardner ended up hitting a two-run single to win the game.

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we serve the Lord, we must have sound judgment. Wisdom isn't just mindlessly applying the same standard to every situation, but assessing the time and situation to continually discern the most prudent course of action.

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