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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Deception to help bring your sermon to life.

Another World

An airline captain who flies overseas routes also runs a small filling station near his home. Between trips to Europe and the Middle East, he gets a kick ...

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Whitewashed Tombs

The Queen Mary was the largest ship to cross the oceans when it was launched in 1936. Through four decades and a world War she served until she was retired, ...

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Sin's Deception

When John Belushi died in the spring of 1983 of an overdose of cocaine and heroin, a variety of articles appeared, including one in U.S. News and World ...

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Evil in a Pretty Package

Every temptation that comes to me is packaged as a good.

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Lulled into Carelessness

Steve Green, who sang six years with Bill and Gloria Gaither, tells about getting to know some of the work crews in the large auditoriums where their ...

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Blindness to Badness

The real danger in our situation lies in the fact that so many people see clearly what they are revolting from and so few see at all what they are revolting ...

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Excuses are the cradle ... that Satan rocks men off to sleep in.

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Two Faces

No man can for any considerable time wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which is the true ...

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It Ain't What They Don't Know

It ain't so much what folks don't know,

It's that they know so much that just ain't so.

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The Most Common Lie

The most common lie is the lie one tells to oneself.

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