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Sermon Illustrations about Counseling

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Counseling to help bring your sermon to life.

God is the Best Therapist

The world began a weekly group therapy session with Frazier Crane thirty years ago. This spin-off character from Cheers played by Kelsey Grammer, emerged ...

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Rick and Kay Warren Were in 'Marital Hell'

In many ways, Rick and Kay Warren, one of the most public ministry couples in America, seemed to have the ideal marriage. But Kay Warren admits that their ...

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A New Rent-A-Mom Service

Young or old, there are times when all of us need a mother. Like when you get sick for the first time living on your own. Or when you're going through ...

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Stats about Mental Illness and the Church

In her book Troubled Minds, Amy Simpson reveals the following highlights from her survey about dealing with mental illness in the church:

  • Nearly half (44.5 Percent) of church leaders are approached two to five times per year for help in dealing with mental illness.

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Man Saddened that Friends Can't Share His Grief

The British novelist Julian Barnes tried to capture the loneliness of what he calls "grief-work." After thirty years of marriage, his wife Pat died from ...

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Stats about the Prevalence of Depression

However we choose to define depression, both its frequency and its disruption of normal life are staggering. The World Health Organization named depression ...

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Woman Botches a Do-It-Yourself, Art Restoration Project

For nearly a hundred years a beautiful mural of Jesus had held pride of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in Borja, Spain. The "Ecce Homo" ...

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Professionals Have Taken the Roles Once Filled by Family and Friends

In his book Bad Religion, Ross Douthat argues that as families have weakened and true friendships have waned, we have tried to fill the vacuum by relying ...

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Take Responsibility for Your Part in Conflict

Pastor Andy Stanley writes:

I used to do a lot of marriage counseling, and often one spouse would come in the office and start ranting and raving, "My ...

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Researchers Encourage an Annual "Marriage Checkup"

According to recent research, only 19 percent of currently married couples have taken part in marriage counseling. Nearly two-thirds of divorced couples ...

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