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Sermon Illustrations about Consideration

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Consideration to help bring your sermon to life.

Actress Gives First Class Seat to Serviceman

The Comedian Louis CK has a routine in which he jokes about having the impulse to give up his first class airline seat to a soldier. Louis CK says,

[Service ...

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Tall Student Cares for Tiny Sister

Jesse Jackson tells the story of a visit to the University of Southern Mississippi. While touring the campus with the university president, he noticed ...

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Michael Phelps Gave Teammate a Chance for Glory

Michael Phelps had already won five gold medals in the 2004 Athens Olympics. He seemed certain to secure one more in the 4 x 400 medley relay. Phelp's ...

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Bono and Helms Model Acceptance

In a June 2001 column, religion columnist Terry Mattingly writes:

As lunch ended in the ornate U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee conference room, ...

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Considerate Witnesses

While in seminary in Chicago's suburbs, I discovered that a Promise Keepers' convention was coming to Soldier Field. A group of us took a commuter ...

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