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Considerate Witnesses

While in seminary in Chicago's suburbs, I discovered that a Promise Keepers' convention was coming to Soldier Field. A group of us took a commuter train downtown, then caught a cab to the stadium.

We were running late, but still hoped to get a good seat. I'm sure our driver, a man who spoke little English, felt intimidated as the six of us piled into his taxi, jabbering loudly. Traffic was heavy and got worse near the stadium. We slowed to a crawl. We weren't going to get that good seat after all.

A couple of us started talking about hopping from the cab and running the rest of the way to the stadium. It sounded good to most of us, but Michael spoke against the plan. He was more concerned about the cabby. If we got out at that point, the driver would be stuck in traffic without being able to refill his taxi. He'd be losing money.

After Michael spoke with us, he turned his attention to our foreign driver. Michael shared about the conference we were going to, and then he shared the good news of Jesus Christ.

I don't know if the man was affected by the message, but I do know Michael's concern provided a base of credibility for sharing the gospel that the rest of us overlooked.

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