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Discipleship Includes Evangelism

Years ago when I was with the Billy Graham team in a crusade, a businessman came forward one night and received Christ as his Savior. The next Sunday he went to a church he sometimes attended.

After the service, he walked up to one of the leading elders in this church and said, "I was at the Billy Graham meeting last week out at the ball park. I went forward and received Christ."

"I heard about it," the elder replied, "and I am delighted."

Then the businessman said, "How long have you and I been associated in business?"

"About 23 years, I think," the elder answered.

"Have you known Christ as your Savior all that time?" the businessman asked.

"Yes, I have," he answered.

"Well, I don't remember you ever speaking to me about Christ during those years," the businessman said. "I have thought highly of you. In fact, I thought so highly of you that I felt if anyone could be as fine a man as you and not be a Christian, then I didn't have to be a Christian either."

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