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Sermon Illustrations about Clergy Appreciation Day/Month

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Clergy Appreciation Day/Month to help bring your sermon to life.

Jonathan Edwards Not Exempt from Criticism

Jonathan Edwards, pastor of the prestigious Northampton, Massachusetts, Congregational Church, was a leading figure of the eighteenth century First Great ...

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A Pastor's Honest Prayer

In her book Holy the Firm, Annie Dillard writes of attending a small church with some 20 people:

The minister is a Congregationalist and wears a white ...

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Ministry Means Problems

One big demoralizer in ministry is not having enough people to do the work. A few years ago at Leadership journal, we'd been short-staffed for three ...

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Willing to Be Corrected

Early in his career, Matt Redman, the popular Christian musician in Britain, was singing with his church's praise band when his pastor confronted ...

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"Mr. Holland's Opus": Leaving a Legacy

Mr. Holland's Opus is a movie about a frustrated composer in Portland, Oregon, who takes a job as a high school band teacher in the 1960s. Although ...

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Courageous Fishers of Men

The movie, The Perfect Storm, well described the dangers of the fishing industry through the eyes of the crew of the fishing boat, the Andrea Gail.

Out ...

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Pastors Must Love Jesus

If you don't love Jesus, you will soon discover that being a pastor or a church leader is not really a very good job. You will be overworked, underpaid, ...

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Men's Need for Masculine Affection

When I was a pastor in Hawaii, my little congregation was near Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station. I always had a large supply of muscular recruits.

The ...

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True Ministry
The foundation of ministry is character. The nature of ministry is service. The motive for ministry is love. The measure of ministry is sacrifice. The ...

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Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines,

or What the Pulpit Committee Really Means:

"We have 246 members on the roll!" means Sunday morning worship attendance ...

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