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Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines,

or What the Pulpit Committee Really Means:

"We have 246 members on the roll!" means Sunday morning worship attendance is 20.

"We want to reach the unchurched in our area" means we want a pastor who will evangelize for us.

"Church members are active in community affairs" means good luck finding volunteers to teach Sunday school.

"We're seeking someone to revitalize the church" means the church needs to be painted.

"We'll be glad to review your performance periodically" means you can expect to get a phone call every Sunday afternoon.

"We'd like a hard-working pastor" means you get one day off a month.

"We want to build a strong youth program" means our last addition to the cradle roll was in 1959.

"We'd like our pastor to be a family man" means we hope your children can help set up chairs and your wife can type the bulletin.

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