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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church, mission of to help bring your sermon to life.

Concrete Church

It is of no avail to talk of the church in general, the church in the abstract, unless the concrete particular local church which the people attend can ...

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Church as an Oasis

In a big world, the small church has remained intimate. In a fast world, the small church has been steady. In an expensive world, the small church has ...

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Don't Forget to Look Inside

There is certainly nothing wrong with the church looking ahead, but it is terribly important that it should be done in connection with the look inside, ...

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Called to Proclaim

I don't perceive my call as one to protest the culture but to proclaim the Savior.

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Some Things Stay the Same

The church's core mission never changes, but how it's accomplished is up for revision.

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Everyone a Servant

For many years, I have attended midweek Eucharists at St. Bede's Episcopal Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One thing I love is the hand-lettered sign ...

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Other-Worldly Witness

Evangelicals who have a one-dimensional view of the mission of the church are criticized roundly by non-evangelicals and by those evangelicals who declare ...

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Chasing Butterflies

Clifton Fadiman, in The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes, tells a story about Valdimir Nabokov, the Russian-born novelist who achieved popular success ...

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All Things to All People

The Oakland, California, police force recently unveiled its first "lowrider" police car. The vehicle has the standard logo, lights, and siren, ...

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