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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church, mission of to help bring your sermon to life.

Creekside Free Methodist Church Mission Statement

To be a haven for worship and prayer; To provide opportunities for instruction and fellowship; To call all people to a life devoted to Jesus Christ.

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Dry Creek Bible Church Mission Statement

Our overall purpose is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ by obeying his command to make disciples of all nations. Specifically, our vision is to ...

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Quit Talking and Go!

In our opinion, the greatest enemy of world evangelization is Christian rhetoric--the continual rhetorizing (playing the orator), discussing, arguing, ...

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Privileged Commission

It is our privilege to have world evangelism as a passion, not our responsibility to have as a burden.

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Evangelism at Home and Abroad

We need "bifocal" vision, a balance of being concerned close to home and committed to world evangelism.

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Make Heroes of Outreach Ministers

To have an outreach church, you have to make heroes of people who minister outside the church's programs.

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America's First Missionary Women

Mary Webb (1779-1861), frail and confined to a wheelchair, nevertheless was the driving force behind the formation in 1800 of the Boston Female Society ...

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Help Not Wanted

Our pastor was organizing an evangelistic outreach using small acts of kindness to demonstrate Christ's love. He phoned several neighborhood grocery ...

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Practice Makes Perfect

Quarterback Tony Rice led Notre Dame's football team to a national championship in 1988. Before the season, sportswriters wondered whether Notre Dame ...

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Audience Insensitivity

To speak about global issues to inner-city people with their problems and never speak to their issues is to fail them.

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