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Sermon Illustrations about Church Health

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Health to help bring your sermon to life.

How Best Buy Rescued Itself from a Slow Death

The year was 2012, and everything seemed to be going wrong for Best Buy. The CEO had just resigned after admitting to an improper relationship with a ...

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A Body Can Only Survive If Its Members Work Together

One day, as I assisted a surgeon, he had me reach into the patient's chest and turn his heart so he could work on it from a better angle. As I gingerly ...

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Mission to Mars (Or Maybe Just Hawaii)

After a year, a NASA Mars mission crew has returned back to civilization—but they were in Hawaii, not on Mars. It was all part of a project called ...

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General Colin Powell on Unity

General Colin Powell writes:

On the speech circuit, I tell a story that goes to the heart of America's longing. ABC correspondent Sam Donaldson was ...

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True Worship Experience?

I am dismayed by the popular phrase "worship experience" to describe the church's corporate worship. Worship has the capacity to transform ...

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How to Deal with Personal Agendas

One day an Anglican priest came to our church to talk with me and pray for me, and I wasn't in. He asked the secretary if he could go into our sanctuary ...

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Just One More Consumer Commodity

I often visit newcomers in town and find them to be church shopping. They want to know what they can get out of church. Churches are one more consumer ...

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Along for the Ride

Church attendance is infected with a malaise of conditional loyalty which has produced an army of ecclesiastical hitchhikers. The hitchhiker's thumb ...

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A Church Is Not an Audience

A sharp distinction ought to be made between a church and an audience. An audience is a group of unrelated people drawn together by a short-lived attraction. ...

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Looks Are Deceiving

Our modern church is filled with many people who look pure, sound pure, and are inwardly sick of themselves, their weaknesses, their frustration, and ...

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