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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church Board to help bring your sermon to life.

Good Complexity vs. Bad Complexity

Skye Jethani writes, in Immeasurable, about good versus bad complexity in ministry. He illustrates it this way:

Bad complexity is like a Rube Goldberg ...

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Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Free Tree-Planting

The city of Detroit was in a campaign to reforest its streets after decades of neglecting its depleted tree canopy. However, the tree-planters met stiff ...

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Pixar Studios and the Power of Teamwork

Since 1995 when Toy Story was released, Pixar has created 11 feature films, all of which have become a huge international success. From its beginnings ...

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Bureaucracy in the Body

I sense that we are allowing business terms to creep into our language. ... I am convinced that because language shapes our thinking and actions, we change ...

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No Respecter of Committees

It's always a constant consolation to me to realize that although God created man and woman there is no recorded testimony that he created committees. ...

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Good News, Bad News

Pastors hear news all the time. Some of it's good, and some of it's, well, not so good...


Now that you have an associate, you don't ...

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