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Sermon Illustrations about Church & Community

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Church & Community to help bring your sermon to life.

The Unselfish Archbishop

When John Chrysostom became archbishop of Constantinople, he sold expensive works of art his predecessors had acquired. He refused to give lavish dinner ...

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Relationship Evangelism

The Oakland, California, police force recently unveiled its first "lowrider" police car. The vehicle has the standard logo, lights, and siren, ...

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Where Is the Church?

You know what your own country is like. I'm a visitor, and I wouldn't presume to speak about America. But I know what Great Britain is like. I ...

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Called to Proclaim

I don't perceive my call as one to protest the culture but to proclaim the Savior.

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Kingdom Flight

I am learning that God intends salvation to be more than a ticket to heaven, and that his chief purpose in providing the church is not to transport us ...

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The Great Divide

What is a mature Christian? Assuming that evangelistic concern is a vital part of maturity and discipleship, there was one troubling tendency in the statistics: ...

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