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Sermon Illustrations about Caring

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Caring to help bring your sermon to life.

Love Makes a Winning Team

Lee Iacocca once asked legendary football coach Vince Lombardi what it took to make a winning team. The book Iacocca records Lombardi's answer: "There ...

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Tragic Loneliness

We need to see that universal sickness, that innumerable throng of men and women laden down with their secrets, laden down with their fears, their sufferings, ...

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Winsome Compassion

I read recently of a teaching hospital that found one of its young resident students had a marvelous effect on children. They responded to him with delight. ...

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Truly Caring for People

To truly care for people requires not caring too much about their approval or disapproval.

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Caring for the Needs of Others

People in our culture take notice when we care for the needs of others.

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Praying for Others as Yourself

Ask for others what you are praying for yourself.

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Rush Yarnell: Real Life Samaritan

Concentrating on rush hour traffic, Rush Yarnell just happened to glance in his rearview mirror and see the small boy collapse onto the snow-covered sidewalk. ...

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Ministering to Ministers

Who shall minister to the ministers, if not we, in our love for one another?

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Buy It for Free

My 5-year-old niece, Morgan, loves going to rodeos. Not only do we go to watch the action, but our family supervises a Cowboys for Christ literature table. ...

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God's Love, Our Burden

We are challenged today by a modernized recasting of Tertullian's question: What has Boston to do with Bosnia? ... Why should we concern ourselves ...

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