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Sermon Illustrations about Caring

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Caring to help bring your sermon to life.

Compassion from the Enemy

It was 1944, and Bert Frizen was an infantryman on the front lines in Europe. American forces had advanced in the face of intermittent shelling and small-arms ...

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Calling Forth Compassion

In 1975 a child named Raymond Dunn, Jr. was born in New York State. The Associated Press reports that at his birth, a skull fracture and oxygen deprivation ...

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Making the Sickroom Bearable

Browsing in a London bookstore last summer, I ran across a little volume by Mrs. Leslie Stevens, called Notes from Sickrooms. It was a volume of instructions ...

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Where Were God's People?

When disaster strikes and innocent people suffer, or especially when something bad happens to a good person, Christians often ask, "Where was God?" ...

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A Blessing on the Elevated Train

I remember reading a story not long ago about the "elevated" in Chicago--a train that when it comes into the downtown, it's on a high track. ...

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Sensitive Demands

I took my two youngest kids to the Batavia quarry on my day off a week ago. It has a beautiful sand beach with shallow water. Or you can go out into the ...

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A Vision of Fatherly Love

At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, the world watched as a parable of the father's love was played out on international television.

As the gun ...

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Beauty of Character

While many would not hesitate to say that great beauty is the characteristic that makes most women outstanding, several experts on the subject tend to ...

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Today's Biggest Disease

The biggest disease today is not leprosy or cancer. It's the feeling of being uncared for, unwanted-of being deserted and alone.

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Life in the Waiting Room

In One Church from the Fence, Wes Seelinger writes: "I have spent long hours in the intensive care waiting room ... watching with anguished people ...

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