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Sermon Illustrations about Betrayal

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Betrayal to help bring your sermon to life.

Story About a Man Whose Dreams Shattered

Tennessee Williams's short story "Something by Tolstoi," tells the story of Jacob Brodsky, a shy Russian Jew who runs his father's ...

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Surveys Reveal an Erosion of Social Trust

In the past 40 years in the U.S. we've witnessed a massive decline in our openness to trust other people. A recurring survey asks people, "Generally speaking, ...

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Workplace Ostracism Is Worse than Bullying

A (2014) study from University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business concludes that being ignored at work is worse than being harassed or ...

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Holding Grudges Weighs You Down

According to researchers at Erasmus University carrying a grudge can weigh you down—literally. The researchers asked study participants to write ...

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‘They Were Our Friends’ — Betrayal in Iraq

Here's a deeply moving story from Iraq. It's a story of betrayal and the fracturing of a relationship. The New York Times reports it this way: ...

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Film 'Philomena' Offers Lesson on Forgiveness

Philomena is a 2013 movie based on the true story of Philomena Lee. In 1951 a teenaged Philomena living in Ireland became pregnant outside of marriage. ...

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Old Woman Walks to Cemetery to Spit on Grave

In his best-selling book The Telling Room, Michael Paterniti shares a true story he heard when visiting his father's ancestral village in Sicily. Every ...

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Why Rejection Feels Like Physical Pain

When we experience relational hurts (whether through actions, words, or lack of encouragement), we often use phrases like "She broke my heart," or "He ...

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A "Shot to the Heart" Causes Cardiac Arrest

The technical name is Commotio cordis. It simply means a shot to the chest (or, literally from the Latin, "agitation of the heart"). Doctors describe ...

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Museum Dedicated to Failed Relationships

Croatia's capital city of Zagreb is the home for an unusual museum. The Museum of Failed Relationships was founded by two Zagreb artists after the ...

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