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A "Shot to the Heart" Causes Cardiac Arrest

The technical name is Commotio cordis. It simply means a shot to the chest (or, literally from the Latin, "agitation of the heart"). Doctors describe it as a sudden, blunt, and innocuous-appearing trauma to the chest that results in cardiac arrest and sudden death. The shot to heart occurs during what medical experts call "a window of vulnerability" during the 10- to 30-millisecond moment between heartbeats. The U.S. National Commotio Registry records 224 fatal cases of Commotio cordis from 1996-2010. It's the No. 1 killer in U.S. youth baseball.

Here's how one cardiologist described the concealed trauma of Commotio cordis: "When you get a trauma to any muscle you can see it bruise and swell. When it happens to your arm or leg you can see that directly too. But when it happens to your heart, you can't see the trauma because it's covered by the chest and the ribs."

Possible Preaching Angles: Wounds; Suffering; Trauma—Many people in our world are suffering from spiritual, relational, emotional Commotio cordis. They've taken a shot to the heart at a vulnerable time, and although you can't see the bruise, it has caused relational or emotional death. They still carry the wound or burden that God wants to heal.

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