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Sermon Illustrations about Assumptions

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Assumptions to help bring your sermon to life.

A Mob Murders Two Men Based on a Rumor

In Walter Van Tilburg Clark's novel The Ox-Bow Incident, an exited youth passes on a rumor that popular rancher has been murdered and his cattle stolen. ...

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Different Perceptions of What Makes a 'Ridge'

A story is told of a man from Colorado who came to northern Minnesota one autumn for deer hunting. The Mid-westerners who hosted him planned to "drive ...

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What's That Guy Doing With My Wallet?

A YouTube poster who goes by the name DennisCEETv wanted to film a social experiment by posing a simple question: what would people do if they found a ...

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Why You Don't Want To Be Beautiful

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? Some of us may never know, but according to an article from the BBC, it's not all full lips and ...

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Magazine Claims We Know Miracles Don't Happen

In a 2013 article in The New Yorker about faith and belief, Adam Gopnik made the following confident statement: "We know … that in the billions ...

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Researchers Identify 'The Perception of Incongruity'

In 1949, researchers asked a group of students at Ivy League schools to perform a simple task: identify playing cards. There were just two catches. First, ...

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How Different Cultures Read the Bible

To help explain the challenges people in the West face reading the Bible, authors E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O'Brien refer to a social experiment ...

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Joke about Listening to the 'Whole' Story

One day an old man was casually walking along a country lane with his dog and his mule. Suddenly a speeding pick-up truck careened around the corner, ...

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Botched Translation Leads to Tragedy

A good translation or translator really does matter. Professional translator Nataly Kelly tells the following story about what journalists have called ...

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Scientist Claimed the Internet Would Be a Fad

In 1995, an American scientist named Clifford Stoll boldly predicted that the Internet would be just another passing fad. He wrote an article for Newsweek ...

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