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Sermon Illustrations about Animals

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Animals to help bring your sermon to life.

Where Grownups Go for Fun

Estimated number of visitors to Orlando's Walt Disney World each year: 60 million

Expected number of visitors to Bass Pro Shops in 2009: 100 million

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What Dog Owners Can't Live Without

Things dog owners can't live without:

  • Significant other: 54 percent
  • Computer: 50 percent
  • Dog: 48 percent
  • Coffee: 35 percent
  • TV: 35 percent
  • Car: 26 percent

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A Tale of Two Safari Guides

Twice I've visited heaven, or close to it: the Masai Mara, perhaps the greatest wildlife preserve in the world. The Masai Mara is part of the vast grasslands ...

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Church Is Like a Duck-billed Platypus

Without a doubt, my all-time favorite animal is the duck-billed platypus. It appeals to my nonconformist instincts because it breaks so many rules of ...

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"Bee Movie": The Importance of Doing Our Part

Bee Movie centers on the life of Barry B. Benson—a maverick bee who is less than enthusiastic about taking his place in the hive as a life-long ...

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Pampering Our Pets

In 1994, Americans spent $17 billion on their pets. So far this decade we have spent (in billions):

• 2001—$28.5

• 2002—$29.5

• ...

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Christian Environmentalist Fights for the Land

There are two sides to Allen Johnson. On the one hand, he is a conservative, evangelical Christian living in the mountains of West Virginia. On the other ...

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The Art of Offering Condolence

College English professor Jess Decourcy Hinds, of Brooklyn, New York, recently lost her father to a painful battle with bone cancer. Following his death, ...

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Elephant Strong-arms Drivers

Alongside traffic, feuding kids in the backseat, and the occasional rude motorist, add elephants to the list of things that make driving difficult. Sources ...

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Bees Demonstrate the Miracle of Creation

That 16-ounce honey bear in your pantry exists only because tens of thousands of bees flew some 112,000 miles in a relentless, unquestioned pursuit of ...

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