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Sermon Illustrations about Afterlife

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Afterlife to help bring your sermon to life.

The New View of Heaven Is too Small

Theologian J. Todd Billings argues "the new view of heaven is too small." He shares the following observation:

A friend of mine's favorite Sunday school ...

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Wife in Disbelief as Living Husband Pronounced Dead in Hospital

Tammy Cleveland was determined to hold onto her husband, even after one medical professional told her, incorrectly, that her husband was dead. Tammy's ...

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Elon Musk on God and Mortality

The New York Times has called Elon Musk "arguably the most successful and important entrepreneur in the world." It's an easy case to make: He's probably ...

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'The Last Jedi' Prompts: 'Is There Hope in What We Are Trusting?'

In his blog, Major Dalton dives deeply into the nature of hope:

Authentic hope is a hard thing to kill. In the heart of the one who knows that outcome ...

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The Universal Desire for a Happy Ending

In their recent book, The God Conversation, Moreland and Muehlhoff illustrate the universal desire for a story to have a happy ending:

"And they lived ...

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Ash Wednesday vs. the Immortality Movement

There was a dark horse in the 2015 presidential race—a real political outsider named Zoltan Istyan. He was the presidential candidate for the Transhumanist ...

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TV Show Depicts Access to Heaven on a Point System

NBC's show The Good Place, is a humorous depiction of life after death. The creator Michael Schuur said it's based on "the idea of an omniscient [point] ...

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William Bradford's Last Thanksgiving had an Eternal Perspective

The book, Mayflower , by Nathaniel Philbrick is the story of the Pilgrims coming to America in 1620. Their governor and spiritual leader here was William ...

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Norway's New Passion: Ghost Hunting

Like many Europeans, Marianne Haaland Bogdanoff, a travel agency manager in this southern Norwegian town, does not go to church, except maybe at Christmas, ...

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Richard Dreyfuss Reflects on His Mortality

The actor Richard Dreyfuss claims that he has a keen sense of his own mortality. He is an agnostic, but he believes in at least the possibility of reincarnation. ...

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