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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Advice to help bring your sermon to life.

Courageous Student Prevents School Shooting

In September of 2006, a high school senior named Matt Atkinson learned of a dark secret from three of his friends. In confidence, they told him of their ...

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Coach Dungy Glad His Son Accepted Christ

Tony Dungy, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, lost his 18-year-old son to suicide near the end of the Colts' 2005 season. At the funeral service ...

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USC President Shares Leadership Lesson

Steve Sample is the president of the University of Southern California. In his book, The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership, Sample shares a leadership ...

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Advice for Better Parenting

Below is a list for parents adapted from the book Lists to Live By by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens, and John Van Diest.

1. Pay more attention to your marriage—or ...

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Dave Barry's Life Lessons

Here are a few lessons that humor columnist Dave Barry says took him 50 years to learn.

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative ...

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Eisenhower on Teambuilding

It is better to have one person working with you than having three people working for you.

—President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969)

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"Hello, My Name Is Scott"

While some might find wearing a nametag to be a temporary annoyance, Scott Ginsburg has worn a nametag all day, every day since November 2, 2000. Scott's ...

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Ray Romano Goes to Work on His Soul

After nine seasons, the popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond broadcast its final episode in May of 2005. The star of the show, Ray Romano, went from ...

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George Lucas Seeks to Tell Relevant Stories

In an interview with Wired magazine, filmmaker George Lucas was asked how he would be remembered. Lucas replied:

I'll be remembered as a filmmaker. ...

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Tsunami Relief a Lesson in Ministry

Tsunami relief agencies working in the same village in the Indonesian region of Aceh have experienced varying degrees of acceptance.

One group offering ...

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