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Sermon Illustrations about Accomplishments

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Accomplishments to help bring your sermon to life.

Novelist Amy Tan on Pressure from Mom

The New York Times recently interviewed the Chinese novelist Amy Tan, a woman who has written some powerful books about the immigrant and minority experience ...

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Paul McCartney Admits His Insecurities

In an interview with NPR, former Beatles star Paul McCartney said:

It seems to me that no matter how famous [you are], no matter how accomplished or how ...

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Chuck Colson: God Used My Greatest Defeat

The great paradox [of my life] is that every time I walk into a prison and see the faces of men or women who have been transformed by the power of the ...

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Identity Defined by Kept Promises

Our culture tells us we can be real selves only if we claim our right to self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment. But a free self knows he becomes a genuine ...

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What Really Matters

The question to ask at the end of life's race is not so much "What have I accomplished?" but "Whom have I loved, and how courageously?"

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Worship Is a Time to Celebrate

I used to be the chaplain for the Astros and the Oilers when I was in Houston, Texas. After I'd do a chapel, they'd give me tickets. One time ...

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Doing Nothing and Doing Everything

Many Christians feel more comfortable with the idea that apart from Christ they can do nothing, than they do with the other side of that coin: that they ...

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