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Writing Your Un-Resume

You know the resume drill—make a list of all your amazing accomplishments, job duties, and honors—to impress your friends, enemies, and potential employers. (And while we're at it, maybe we can even impress God.) That's why we loved Dr. Adam Johnson's mock "Un-Resume" exercise. Johnson's first category—"School Rejections"—includes "Wheaton College (I was admitted but received no scholarships)" and "Duke School of Divinity (I was wait-listed and eventually rejected)." Other sections list his "Publication Proposals Rejected" and "Academic Positions Rejected." At the end of his Un-Resume, Johnson writes, "I am full of fears, insecurities, and memories of painful rejections in matters pertaining to jobs, publications, and schools. And why does this matter? Personally, it matters because of an ongoing struggle against pride."

Possible Preaching Angle:

During this season of Lent and Holy Week, feel free to bring your spiritual un-resume to the cross of Christ.


Adam Johnson, “The Un-Resume: An Exercise in Professional Humility,” The Scriptorium Daily (2-18-16)

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