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Sermon Illustrations about Abortion

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Abortion to help bring your sermon to life.

Why We Pray for Abortionists

In the wake of the two damning videos exposing the tactics of Planned Parenthood, Mark Galli contends that we need to pray for our local abortionists. ...

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Foiling Death on Golden Gate Bridge

Ever since the Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937, people have been jumping off it to their deaths, about 1,200 to date. After eight decades of debate, ...

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Father Sacrifices Life for Son with Disabilities

A pro-life legacy is a powerful thing to inherit. For Father Thomas Vander Woude, pastor at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, VA, that legacy ...

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Mother Refuses Life Saving Treatments

A young mother in Los Angeles made the ultimate sacrifice for her newborn: she refused lifesaving treatment for her bone cancer. Accepting treatment meant ...

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Filmmaker Blocks Out Encounter with Christianity

Paul Verhoeven, a Dutch film director, screenwriter, and film producer (Robocop, Total Recall, Show Girls), was once asked about his short but intense ...

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The Man Who Protected Babies with Down Syndrome

In 1958, a brilliant young medical researcher made a startling discovery—Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects about one in 700 babies ...

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Woman Writes Letter to Her Aborted Children

Patricia Raybon honestly shares the regret and grief she carried after aborting two children. She writes, "I had told myself that an abortion would end ...

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Women Share Pain-filled Stories of Past Abortions

A New York Magazine article titled "My Abortion" featured the personal stories of 26 women who have had an abortion. The article began by noting that ...

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on His Girlfriend's Abortion

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has unveiled his pain at allowing his child to be aborted. Tyler was 25 in 1975, when he and his live-in girlfriend decided to ...

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The Royal Baby Was Never a Fetus

Prince William and Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy named George, also known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. In a recent article ...

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