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Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women

A study in the British Journal of Psychiatry reviewed data from 22 published studies and found a link between abortion and mental health difficulties. The meta-analysis of studies looked at 877,181 participants, of whom 163,831 had undergone an abortion. The study reported, “Women who had undergone an abortion experienced an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems.”

The study found increased risks of the following separate mental health effects for women who had abortions:

-anxiety disorders (34 percent)

-depression (37 percent)

-alcohol use/abuse (110 percent)

-marijuana use/abuse (220 percent)

-suicide behaviors (155 percent)

In addition, post-abortion effects researcher Dr. David Reardon reports that at least 21 studies show a link between abortion and substance abuse. A study from Reardon’s Elliot Institute found that women having abortions were 160 percent more likely to seek psychiatric care in the 90 days afterwards than were women who had delivered their children. The study also found that the frequency of psychiatric treatment was significantly higher for at least four years following abortion.

Source: Brian Fisher, Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women (Morgan James Faith, 2014), p. 123

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