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ATM Theft Foiled by Trail of Evidence

An ATM heist in Florida came unraveled when the masterminds apparently forgot the hefty machine would leave drag marks in the pavement. The result was a trail of bread crumbs that led police to a bucket truck conspicuously dragging an ATM on a North Florida highway, about 60 miles west of Jacksonville.

In their investigation of the theft, police in Lake City, Florida were led to a bucket truck on U.S. highway 90. The truck was unoccupied, but there were two major signs connecting the truck to the theft. The first, most obvious clue was the sight of the missing ATM itself. But the second clue was almost as obvious.

“Drag marks could be seen on the asphalt leading through the Lake City Mall parking lot heading in a northeasterly direction,” police said in a subsequent report. “On-scene officers relayed the information to other responding officers. An officer observed a white utility truck traveling north, dragging an ATM.”

Because ATMs are notoriously heavy, often weighing nearly 2,000 pounds, the truck was unable to travel very fast or far. It only made it about a half-mile up the highway before its occupants left it on the side of the road. They apparently heard the sound of approaching sirens, and fled to a nearby wooded area. Despite support from nearby drones and other air units, the suspects were neither identified nor located.

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