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Former Hitman Sues TV Show for Depicting His Mafia Past for Daughter to See

Pasquale di Filippo was horrified recently by the violence his daughter was exposed to on television—violence he was partially responsible for.

The Rai TV network had recently aired an episode of their Sicilian mob drama Il Cacciatore (The Hunter), in which a character depicted his past as a mafioso. As part of a deal Filippo made with police to become an informant, Pasquale had previously admitted to four different murders, and had previously served 10 years behind bars. Since becoming a police informant, Pasquale had since entered the witness protection program, and had built a family with a different identity.

Understandably, all of that was news to his 14-year-old daughter, who hadn’t been around during that tumultuous time. According to his interview with local news service La Republica, Pasquale’s daughter shouted him, “Dad, what have you done?!” She has since retreated to her room, leaving only to go to school.

Subsequently, Pasquale sued the network, claiming defamation. He is seeking a million euros (about $1.1 million) in damages.

Potential Preaching Angles: Ultimately, darkness will not shield us against the truth. In God’s kingdom, the truth always finds its way into the light. It’s better to be honest with our children about our mistakes than to hide them and hope our kids don’t find out. Often, kids are too smart for that strategy to work.


Saphora Smith, “Ex-Mafia hitman sues after TV show reveals his past to daughter,” NBC News (10-04-18)

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