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Hero Cowboy Rescues Steer from Freeway

When officers from the Michigan State Police (MSP) were asked to provide traffic control for a recent incident, they didn’t know they were signing up for snarky posts with viral video clips.

But that’s exactly what happened when police cordoned off a section of Interstate 75 on a recent Sunday afternoon to help animal control officers wrangle an errant steer named Lester who’d been seen roaming the nearby countryside. “It was pretty wild — cars were still flying by when I went after him,” said Ricky Littlejohn, a local wrangler hired to retrieve the errant bovine whose heroism prompted the road closure.

The original post on MSP’s social media read, “We know that if there are no pictures or video it didn’t happen.” The post was accompanied by a clip of dashcam footage featuring the steer trotting down the freeway as cowboy-hat-clad wranglers rode horseback, twirling ropes in hot pursuit.

The traffic control initiative likely saved Lester’s life, either by preventing a motorist from crashing into the errant cattle, or from an intervention by law enforcement resulting in lethal force, like what happened a month prior in a nearby area.

Possible Preaching Angle:

God cares enough about us to go to great lengths to rescue us from harm and correct wayward behavior that can lead to destruction.

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