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The Rise of the Influencer

It has been said that everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership occurs at every level of any organizational system. You don't have to be the CEO or part of the management team to make a difference.

Over the last decade, we have seen the exponential growth of social media. According to the We Are Social report, 3.484 billion people actively use social media - that is 45% of the world population. This social media boom has given rise to the Social Media Influencer.

Influencers leverage their knowledge and expertise to shape and mold culture. They build credibility and trust through regular posts and blogs that impact our thoughts, feelings, and responses. Name brands love influencers because they create trends and fads that bolster sales.

Possible Preaching Angle:

The bottom line is that leadership in its purest form is influence. The old African proverb says, “He who thinks he leads and has no one following is only taking a walk.” The Great Commission calls us to be influencers in the world. Who is going with you on your journey?


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