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National Guard Steps in to Serve at Hospitals

Soldiers in the Minnesota National Guard have had an exceptionally busy year. They helped process Afghan refugees fleeing to the United States and provided security at American military bases across the Horn of Africa. But none of those experiences prepared Minnesota’s National Guard members for their latest deployment. They are collecting bedpans, clipping toenails, and feeding residents at North Ridge Health and Rehab, a large nursing home in Minneapolis that is the largest in the state.

One soldier said, “I’ve had protesters throw apples and water bottles at me but that doesn’t compare to the challenge of giving someone a bed bath.”

30 Guard members have been working as certified nursing assistants at North Ridge, which has been so badly hobbled by an exodus of employees. Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz said, “Our health care work force is heartbroken and fatigued. Having the Guard provide a bit of a respite is a godsend.”

One of them is Staff Sgt. Nathan Madden, whose civilian job is an assistant manager at a home improvement store. He said the past two weeks had given him a newfound appreciation for those who care for the sick and the elderly. “This kind of work is humbling for sure. … It’s great to help out in the community, but I have older parents, so in a way this is preparing me for what I might have to do one day.”

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