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Delivery Driver Saves Customer's Life

When Instacart delivery driver Jessica Higgs made her delivery drop, she paid attention--not just to her surroundings, but also her instincts. Higgs had taken the order from a woman who was buying groceries for her dad. The order instructions were to drop the order on the porch, but in Jessica’s words, “something was telling me, ‘No, you gotta help this man out.’” You can see the emotion on her face in the TikTok video she recorded about the experience.

Once the man came to the door, Higgs ignored the regular Instacart delivery protocol and brought the groceries into the house. Once inside, she made mental note of a propane tank, saw that the man seemed somewhat sickly, and also noticed a peculiar smell. “I was in there maybe five feet and I got dizzy. And I said there’s got to be a leak … that’s when I realized the smell had to have been coming from the propane.”

After concluding her visit, Higgs used the Instacart messaging feature to alert the daughter to the potential danger she suspected--the father was becoming sick from a leak in the propane tank. The daughter sent her younger son to check on her dad, and confirmed that the danger was real, and had the tank removed.

For her quick, compassionate action Higgs received not only a $100 tip from her customer, but kudos from several of the three million users who watched her video on TikTok. Instacart released their own statement of gratitude, including the following:

We are constantly inspired by the incredible people who choose to be Instacart shoppers and intentionally make a positive impact in the lives of others. This story touched our hearts and we are grateful for shoppers like Jessica.

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we go above and beyond the regular scope of our duties in order to act to preserve a life, we honor the dignity and value of living beings made in God's image

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