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DoorDash Driver Saves Life Delivering Pizza

When Sophia Furtado approached her delivery location, she expected to simply deliver a pizza. Instead, she delivered a second chance at life. That’s because Furtado’s customer, Caryn Hebert Sullivan, was sprawled on the driveway in front of her home, showing extensive bleeding from a head wound.

That’s when Furtado bolted into action, running into the house and screaming for help. The commotion quickly awoke Caryn’s husband Robert, who immediately came downstairs to call 911 and help assist. Furtado said, “It happened so fast. I was freaking out because I didn’t know how much longer she had.”

Having been previously trained as an EMT, Furtado calmly relayed the important details to the 911 dispatcher, and instructed Robert to retrieve gauze and a towel to stop the bleeding, and a blanket to keep Hebert Sullivan warm. She also stabilized Hebert Sullivan’s neck to prevent a potential spinal injury.

Law enforcement personnel who responded to the scene lauded Furtado’s quick thinking and action. Police officer Jillian Jodoin said, “What Sophia did that night is not something anyone would just do. We have seen people walk away, run away, drive away, pull out their phone, or simply watch. Sophia sprang into action, alerted Robert, activated the emergency response system, rendered aid, and helped officers streamline information gathering. She saved a life.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Being a disciple of Christ means maintaining a readiness to act in accordance to the Spirit's will to help others in need.

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